“Better Times Will Come” by Janis Ian
I was honored and excited to be invited to join Janis Ian’s project. All versions (including mine) are downloadable as mp3’s.
I invite you to check out all the artists! Check out Janis Ian’s new website dedicated to this amazing project at https://www.bettertimeswillcome.com/

Another amazing experience to have been a part of a podcast with these two. Since Covid, Emily has gone solo!!Catch up on all the episodes from the beginning to end at https://anchor.fm/theconnectionproject
I was asked to be a part of this amazing project, “The Connection Project” founded and created by my dear friend Emily Olsen in 2018. The song “Hold On” was inspired by her bravery and vulnerability to speak out on the topic of “Mental Health”. She brings the project every year with a different spin. To view the entire video please visit “The Connection Project 2019for the Project of which I was a part of. The Connection Project 2020 is now available on YouTube for free viewing!!
Daniel Cook, Ray Spencer and I,(click the link for our Songs and Stories spot on Radio Sidney at Brentwood Bay Empourium) on our way to do a radio spot at UVIC. Ray and Daniel are part of a performance circle called “Songs and Stories” (in the round) I was lucky to be a part of at least one of those performances.
Right after the Connection Project, John and Andrew the hosts of “Obstacle Course” interviewed everyone involved. Here is that podcast – Also click on the link above to check out the amazing podcasts they do every week!!!

Radio Sidney

Peninsula Live is an original production of Radio Sidney. Our goal is to bring the talented performers of the Saanich Peninsula into the public light by going out into the community and encouraging live performance at local venues. We stream these programs to you live and follow with a podcast version for your listening pleasure.

Always love playing around town! Brentwood Bay Empourium is one of my favorites!

This program originally streamed Friday December 14, 2018. This performance was recorded at the Brentwood Bay Village Emporium in Brentwood Bay British Columbia. The evening was hosted by John Carswell, proprietor and features the music of Lisa Bosman. Click here to hear the entire evening as broadcast live by “Radio Sidney” and sound by Nick Gilchrist.

Sue Hansen and I playing “The Wood Song” by the Indigo Girls

Click above for the YouTube Video

What a pleasure to play for this benefit called Finding Home – Thank you to Louise N’Ha Ruby for inviting me to play.
Another piece to the Finding Home Benefit

Jedora Music was a team of 2 of my friends, Helen and Patricia . In this song, “Someone Special” written by Helen Lupowitz, I was asked and honoured to play the piano part. Patricia Geernaert passed away September 2016 , she and her voice are missed by many in our music community.

FAcebook live streams

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